What’s a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It offers a way for people interested in food quality and sustainable local food production to know where their food is coming from and how it is produced.

We sell shares of our produce for the season and each week you receive a box of fresh tasty vegetables.

  • Your share includes a portion of the garden harvest each week. We do successive plantings of many popular crops to help ensure a varied harvest throughout the season.
  • Your fresh produce comes packed in a wooden crate. You bring your own bags to the delivery site, load your fresh produce from the box to into your bags, and take it home.
  • Our summer season begins in June and runs through October. There will be approximately 16 – 18 weekly boxes.
  • Our Autumn Shares begin in October and run through November. Autumn deliveries are bi-weekly, with a total of 4.
  • You can pick your share up at the farm or one of our drop sites.
  • Early boxes will start out with early spring veggies and include lots of leafy greens. Mid season boxes will be fuller and late season boxes will be brimming with fall harvest crops.
  • If you are interested in additional quantities for preserving or other uses please contact us.  The surplus crops that often happen will go first to members and then to others.

Registration is not yet open to the public for the 2017 growing season. Stay tuned….our current members are filling our current openings, we will open to public registration soon!