News from the farm

26 01 2013

Some of the onion seeds came in the mail this week. It is almost time to start planting! We are so excited!


5 09 2012

We have lots of extra watermelon! It is the bargain of the season. Only $1 per melon. Pick up on the farm is required. Hurry, these will only last a few days. Email me directly at to let me know how many you want!

June Update

10 06 2012

We are getting ready for our first delivery this week on Wednesday. It looks like we will have lots of greens! The lettuce heads are shaping up beautifully, we will probably be seeing them show up in boxes in the next few weeks. The peas are flowering as well, so they aren’t far behind either. I am so excited for fresh peas! We are hoping the rain predicted for this evening makes it our way. With it being so hot and dry the transplants and seeds that are trying to germinate are really struggling. Watch for an email from the farm in the next couple of days.