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5 04 2017

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What we’ve learned and what we’re up to for the coming 2017 season.

5 04 2017

One of the first things we learned is growing veggies on this scale is similar to the big gardens of the past in some ways and very different in many others. It is also a tremendous amount of hands on work. Therefore, the next thing we’re learning about is how to do more in less time with all sorts of labor saving schemes and great farm helpers. This year is no different than the past few seasons as we take a look at what were our biggest challenges (they seem to be different each year) and what do we plan to do differently. This year we’re adding more automated equipment to make better use of the tractor as the space gets bigger. We also continue to experiment with new products that are constantly being developed for farmers like us.

Another thing that we continue to learn about is how increased soil health and fertility are improving the quality of our produce. This last season we received more comments about how good everything tastes than any previous year. Our soil genius, Ben, says what we have been doing to improve the soil’s health is working. We have previously read articles about the direct correlation between good taste and increased nutritional density. One of our goals is to provide not only tasty veggies but the most health supporting veggies possible. We believe that moves us in the direction of being Outstanding in our Field.

Those of you that were members last year may remember the questions about your favorite veggies on the registration form. Well, we learned something from your responses. In the beginning we thought all of you would be delighted to get lots of different varieties of veggies all summer instead of the usual peas, carrots, tomatoes and sweet corn that everybody loves. Now we may be making some incorrect assumptions here, but it seems that yes you do like to be stretched with new and different veggies throughout the summer and you really prefer about a dozen of the most popular veggies. That is why they are so popular. What we think we’re seeing here is some of you really like Kohlrabi, Boc Choi and Arugula but the majority of you would like to see more of your weekly share contain more of your favorites as the bulk of the delivery. We have discussed this with a few folks and it seems to be accurate.

Now don’t panic — we’ll still grow over 35 different kinds of veggies for you. However, our focus for the coming season will be on those that you told us are your favorites. We are planning to do succession plantings that will allow us to put them in your shares as long as the weather cooperates. In case you were wondering the top five in order of the most popular are Carrots, Green Beans, Broccoli, Tomatoes and Peas.

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Baby plants

9 04 2014

Outstanding photo onions in green house Outstanding photos

Onions in the greenhouse and baby lettuce under the lights. They are coming along nicely!