About the Farm


Outstanding In Our Field will not be selling CSA Shares this season (2018), however Farmer John is selling shares for the 2018 season. Go to https://www.gardenmagic.us

To your Vibrant Perfect Health, Farmers John & Erin

• We believe that the overall health of the soil determines the quality of the food it produces.

We do use integrated pest management, certified organic biological pest controls, crop rotation, mulch, green manure crops and fertilizer that is OMRI certified organic and composted in Minnesota.

We do use certified organic mineral and micro-life supplements for the soil. This is all part of our ongoing yearly process to support increased soil health.

We do grow all of our own transplants.

We don’t use GMO seeds, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or poisons for any pests. We will till a crop under and try again next year before we’ll risk the health of our family or our friends.

We want to be absolutely clear that we are producing food for you, our friends and clients, and for our family. Our families will be eating the same crops that we provide to you.

We welcome your questions and of course you will be welcome to visit the farm anytime to see for yourselves how things are done.

Our farm is located about 45 miles north of downtown Minneapolis in Isanti County. We are growing our crops on five acres that John has owned since 1987.[/two_third]